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Re: Kernel 2.4.5 and gkernel/ext3 CVS: cannot compile

Peter Bieringer wrote:
> Thank you for that hint, with this patch the kernel compiles well.
> But a diff to the used gkernel/ext3 patch shows many differences
> (e.g. functions renamed).

CVS currently has three main branches:

default HEAD:       Rather out-of-date
journal-head:       Working code.  That's what the diff was
                    generated from
journal-head-split: My current development branch.

> Is someone able to publish the real ext3fs source URL? Or is it
> private only?

No secrets here :)  It's just that putting out test code too
early tends to waste everyone's time - the testers report
bugs in code which doesn't exist any more and the developers
keep saying "upgrade".

But I appreciate that people just want to use ext3 on 2.4. 
The snapshot I mentioned the other day, based on the
journal-head branch is solid code.  It needs one change:
in fs/Makefile, move the line

subdir-$(CONFIG_EXT3_FS)        += ext3

so it's immediately above the `ext2' line.  This will
cause the kernel to try to mount the root fs as ext3
before falling back to ext2.  This change has been in
the journal-head CVS for a few days - I'll make up a new diff.

We're also scratching our heads over integrating ext3
into the utilities a little better, so you don't need
to change /etc/fstab if you boot an ext2-only kernel.  This
involves making changes to mount(8) and perhaps fsck.

I've started to put together a web page which covers these
things.  It has a way to go yet.



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