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Re: ext3 on 2.4.4

"Stephen C. Tweedie" wrote:
> The 2.4 is *much* less mature than the 2.2 code at the moment.

[ WARNING:  Lurking end-user cutting in ... Respond only when you
have time and do not feel obligated to do so. ]

Mr. Tweedie, I want to thank you for your continued dedication to
core kernel development.  I run into other users on LUG lists all
the time that forget you balance your Ext3 development with other
aspects of the VFS and internals.  I have been warning all
colleagues to carefully consider the relatively new state of 2.4
itself before looking at some of the JFS options on 2.4.  It still
amazes me on how many, supposedly "experienced," administrators
immediately jump feet first into a new major kernel release, or a
RedHat (X+1).0 release and expect everything to work perfectly.

I want to also thank you for Ext3 in general.  I have been running
it on various servers (in v1/full mode) for well over a year now. 
Like many administrators with production UNIX networks, which
include clients as well as servers, NFS issues with ReiserFS kept us
from adopting it.  And even now, I still don't trust ReiserFS on 2.4
with the patches.

Which brings me to my more "political/non-technical/touchy"
question, probably something that you probably, normally avoid for
obvious reasons.

I have heard that you have dropped all intensions to extend Ext3
beyond the capabilities/features of Ext2/VFS.  If this is true, that
means that Ext3 is a "temporary JFS solution" -- although don't read
much into that because I defend Ext3 existance almost daily against
those who I like to call "ReiserFS Absolutists."  In dealing with
these "misguided" individuals, I find myself trying to break down
all the capabilities, features, concerns, approaches (e.g., Ext3 =
evolutionary, ReiserFS = revolutionary, XFS = existing ports) of the
various JFS options for Linux.

So, with that said, where do you see SGI's XFS, admist your own Ext3
efforts as well ReiserFS being in the stock kernel as of 2.4.1?  I
would be very interested in hearing your opinion from your kernel
developer viewpoint, your RedHat employee viewpoint and your overall
technical viewpoint.  As a kernel developer, what do you see lacking
with XFS at this time (I'm somewhat familar with Steve Lord's own
comments on "what should be finished and better tested" before
inclusion)?  As RedHat employee, would you agree or disagree with
users who think RedHat should start testing XFS internally (if they
are not already now) and/or adopt a "beta program" for XFS much like
the late 2000 Ext3 beta at RedHat?

As an administrator of engineering networks, which usually consist
of a heavy dose of Linux, BSD and commercial UNIX clients, NFS is at
the heart of operations.  Hence my current "resistance" to use
ReiserFS (at least after a good year of testing and NFS issues, even
with some of the latest kNFSd patches).  For the past three months,
I have been doing extensive testing with XFS and have had no issues
on my low to moderately used servers and workstations.  Before you
respond to my questions above, you may want to read my recent /.
post to see where my ignorance comes from ;-P (I usually boycott /.
because of the "mob moderation" over there, but the recent XFS
discussion caught my eye so I responded):

Again, I'd appreciate any insights you can provide.  I'm fairly
active with several LUGs here in the Florida area and want to make
sure I'm pumping out technically sound analysis and not opinionated
technobable when talking about Ext3 and XFS admist "ReiserFS

Thank you in advance for your time and take your time in responding.

-- Bryan "TheBS" Smith

P.S.  For those interested, I now host H. J. Lu's RPM kernels for
RedHat releases (based on VALinux releases).  With only a 256Kbps
[shared] connection (gasp!), I'm looking for mirror sites.  Rsync is
up and running and the server is "alpha.public.smithconcepts.com"
(although the subnet has been getting slammed with traffic the last
few days, so it might be slow).

Bryan J. Smith, President        mailto:b j smith ieee org
(407)366-7013 pager:(888)694-5793 chat:thebs413 AOL/MS/Yho
SmithConcepts, Inc.           http://www.SmithConcepts.com
        Consulting Engineers and IT Professionals

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