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Re: Ext3 partition not appearing in df output


On Tue, Oct 30, 2001 at 08:09:50PM +0000, Andries Brouwer cwi nl wrote:

> Yes, true. And already it has happened that a filesystem
> was destroyed as a consequence.

> The correct setup does not involve any guessing.


> If you build a large, complicated system, with many layers
> of software, and everything is almost always correct, then
> the entire system will regularly crash.
> So, this guessing of the kernel will go away.

Move it to user space, perhaps, but hopefully not remove it entirely.
With a decent initrd mechanism, we already have the ability to specify
the on-disk rootfs mount type in user space, for example, so we've
already got initial mechanisms to support this.

For reliable operation of standard mount points, we want to have fs types
specified in /etc/fstab as accurately as possible.  However, there is
still good reason to want user-space to be able to autodetect other
cases: udf versus iso9660 depending on media type for /dev/dvd, for
example, or ext3 vs ext2 depending on kernel capabilities.

Supporting such mechanisms does *not* mean that we have to guess every
mount point.  The danger of doing the guessing by default does not
imply that the functionality should be removed entirely.


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