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Re: ext3 partition still gets mounted as ext2 for me too!

On Nov 01, 2001  13:17 -0800, Devang K Mehta wrote:
> My fstab has all my filesystems showing as ext3 and mtab reflects that. In
> order to make the ext3 module available to the initrd image I added the
> ext3 and jbd modules. The bootup messages confirm that these modules are
> being loaded. Even after doing all that, my root filesystem still gets
> mounted as ext2. Here is the output of /proc/mounts
> The output of /proc/filesystems is like this:
> nodev   bdev
> nodev   proc
> nodev   sockfs
> nodev   tmpfs
> nodev   shm
> nodev   pipefs
>         ext2
>         minix
>         msdos
>         vfat
>         iso9660
> nodev   nfs
> nodev   devpts
> nodev   usbdevfs
>         ext3

Note that the kernel (and mount if you don't give it an fs type) will
try to mount in /proc/filesystems order.

> So, it looks like the kernel mounts it as ext2 and never tries ext3. So,
> my question is: How can I tell the kernel to mount as ext3 instead of
> ext2? Is there something I can edit in /linuxrc of the initrd or is
> there a boot parameter which I could try?

Depending on how your initrd is set up, you should just use "mount -t ext3".
The other (much safer) alternative is to include ext3 into the kernel and
not as a module, which will make the kernel try ext3 first.
> Just for completeness, the output of tune2fs -l /dev/hda3 is like this:
> Filesystem features:      has_journal

Thanks for including this.  At least it shows us that the filesystem
really is ext3 capable.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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