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Re: Extended Attributes and Access Control Lists

Quoting "Stephen C. Tweedie" <sct redhat com>:

> > The oops doesn't occur on a single processor machine, only on a
> multiprocessor
> > machine.  Output of ksymoops and kernel config file attached.
> How easy is it to reproduce?

Very easy. On a dual processor machine, have two separate loops running 
alternately copying and deleting different directory trees into a directory with 
a default acl. 

mkdir foo 
setfacl -m d:u:bar:rwx foo 
cd foo 

       while true ; do cp -R /data/tree1 ./ ; rm -rf tree1 ; done 
       while true ; do cp -R /data/tree2 ./ ; rm -rf tree2 ; done 

(This was an attempt to simulate a high load for a data server.) 

The oops will occur usually between 15 and 30 minutes from the time the 
processes are started. (Sometimes sooner.) 
The filesystem in question had user and group quotas enabled. The user running 
the copy processes had a 300MB user quota. Each source tree was roughly 200MB. 

When the oops occured, the user quota was usually 20MB to 50MB below being full. 
> So far I can't see why this should happen, but if there are deleted
> buffers involved, I can't convinve myself that it's impossible either.

I'm convinced this might be SMP related, as I've had the same set of processes 
running on a single processor box for two days without a hiccup. 


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