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no free space on root?

I recently upgraded from 7.1 to 7.2 and told it to upgrade my root
filesystem (5gig) to Ext3.

A while after that, I ran out of space.  Directly after upgrading I had
approximately 1.2gig free space.  Thinking that I needed more space, I
proceeded to create 3 extended partitions for /home, /usr and /tmp.  Mounted
them in /mnt, copied files..etc.    All of these filesystems were left as

Fixed my fstab and I'm off and running.  Remove the files from the root
filesystems /home, /usr and /tmp and I had (key word had) ~3 gigs free.

So I continued on oblivious.  I started transferring a bunch of files into
my /home directory (seperate fs with 15gigs free).  When I came home I
needed to do some root work, so I logged off, logged on as root and couldn't
strart x cause my 3gigs of free space on root partition disappeared...no
free space...not a drop.

I went into single user mode, umounted my other filesystems except my home
which has gobs of room.  did an ls -RAh > \home\files.lst.  Took this list
into work and plugged it into a spreadsheet, removed the entries for Home
and proceeded to calculate how many megs of files I actually had.  Only
1.8gig of files (including the .Journal) filled up my 5gig partition??

Any thoughts?  I'm currently re-installing fresh copy of 7.2, and not
setting any partitions to ext3.

Brenden Walker
DRB Systems Inc.

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