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Re: getting ext3 on suse-7.3? (long post)

On Sat, Nov 03, 2001 at 12:55:37PM -0800, Andrew Morton wrote:
> dep wrote:
> > 
> > tune2fs 1.24a (02-Sep-2001)
> > Creating journal inode:
> > tune2fs: Permission denied
> >         while trying to create journal file
> You need to run 
> 	chattr -i /.journal
> Ted, could we please change that error message?  

Sure... actually, I'm thinking about about fixing it so that it
automatically detects the lossage mode automatically, and after doing
tests to make *sure* that the kernel doesn't have the filesystem
mounted as ext3, to just drop the immutable flag automatically.  This
is especially since SuSE appears to have released a bogus 2.4 kernel,
so a lot of people are using it.

(In fact, because of the inherent problems with the 2.4.10 kernel, it
may be useful to have e2fsck issue a warning when checking a mounted
filesystem and uname reports a 2.4.10 kernel; the only problem with
this is that I can't necessarily distinguish between a
distribution-based kernel that has the -ac patches which fixed the
page/buffer cache problems in the 2.4.10 kernels, so I might give a
false positive.....  And besides most users that are using a SuSE
kernel, aren't necessarily going to be upgrading to the newer version
of e2fsprogs, so that isn't necesssarily going to help them.)

						- Ted

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