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Re: ext3 partition still gets mounted as ext2 for me too!

On Thursday 01 November 2001 21:17, Devang K Mehta wrote:

> I am a new ext3 user and I am having problems similar to what many
> people are facing on this list.
> I have done everything as the emails suggest. I am using SuSE 7.3 with
> the the 2.4.10 kernel and ext3 compiled as a module. Because it is
> 2.4.10 kernel, I created all my journals from a rescue disk and
> everything seems to be working right for the non-root filesystems. My
> fstab has all my filesystems showing as ext3 and mtab reflects that. In
> order to make the ext3 module available to the initrd image I added the
> ext3 and jbd modules. The bootup messages confirm that these modules are
> being loaded. Even after doing all that, my root filesystem still gets
> mounted as ext2. Here is the output of /proc/mounts

That's because there's a bug in the SuSE /sbin/mk_initrd script

Go to suse.co.uk, find the support section, search for "ext3", download the 
new script, stick it in /sbin, chmod +x it, execute it, and root will mount 
properly as ext3.

(Yes -- I experience this problem as I've only just installed SuSE 7.3, and 
had to work it out as well! :) )

Cheers, Chris Howells -- chris chrishowells co uk, howells kde org
Web: http://chrishowells.co.uk, PGP key: http://chrishowells.co.uk/pgp.txt
KDE: http://www.koffice.org, http://edu.kde.org, http://usability.kde.org

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