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Re: oops on 2.4.14-pre8


> > Nov  4 18:39:03 buba kernel: Unable to handle kernel paging request at
> > virtual address 5b5b5b83
> Thanks.  We used a data structure after it was freed.  That is
> exceedingly bad.

I can agree on that. :)

> Do you think there's anything unusual in your usage?  Any
> peculiar workload or hardware config?  It's a uniprocessor?

It's Athlon 600 Mhz on FIC SD11 (VIA chip) motherboard with 320 MB RAM
and IBM 10G disk. I've tested the RAM yesterday and it's OK. The system was
very stable before 2.4.14-pre8. It runs setiathome, mailserver for my family
(20 mails per day)
and that's it.

> Are you confident that the hardware is good?

I think that hw is good. Without ext3 runs good (from Sunday till now).

The only strange thing is that with 2.4.13 with ext3 runs fine on the same
I can't see what changed in kernel since 2.4.13 that could fire that strange
I'll dig on. :-)


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