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Re: ext3-0.9.15 against linux-2.4.14

Stephen Tweedie wrote:
> Andrew, the code
>         if (page->buffers) {
>                 /*
>                  * Anonymous buffercache page left behind by
>                  * truncate.
>                  */
>                 printk(__FUNCTION__ ": page has buffers!\n");
>                 goto preserve;
>         }
> is going to end up preserving the pte forever and shouting to syslog
> every time the VM walks over the pte in question.  I'd be just as
> happy dropping these ptes on the floor when we find them, as they are
> clearly of no use to anybody at this point.

Yes, perhaps we could do something smarter - I wasn't even sure it 
was possible to hit any more (still waiting to hear back from
Steve Hirsch!)

The idea is that in this rare case, shrink_cache() will at
some later time revisit the page and again try to remove its
buffers, and will succeed.   It's still on the LRU.

We definitely need to kill the printk(), but I really want
to get to test this code path locally.


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