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Re: Ext3, Raid5, and Quotas on 2.4.14?

Daniel Bidwell wrote:
> I remember that there used to be a problem with disk quotas on Ext3 and
> Raid5 on the 2.4.x kernel series.  I am running 2.4.14 with Ext3 and
> Raid5 and am having problems with quotas and am wondering if I have
> something misconfigured or if this combination doesn't work yet.

Quotas are hard to get running for some reason.  The tools
are a bit fiddly.

Alan's kernel has the new quota format.

Linus' kernel has the old format, but somebody has recently
made large changes to the code in Linus' tree.  But it still
uses the old format quota files.

There are no known problem with ext3 and quotas in -ac kernels.

In linus kernels, ext3 used to be able to cause deadlocks
(tasks stuck in D state) under heavy load with quotas.  
I _think_ the recent quota changes in Linus' tree have fixed
this, but I need to test/check some more.

If you're seeing something other than processes stuck in D state
then it's probably some generic setup problem.  Try getting quotas
working while mounting the filesystem as ext2 to eliminate the ext3


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