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Re: Which mkfs tool can I use for an ext3 file system??

steve pham wrote:

> I have just upgraded my Linux 7.1 to 7.2

I think you mean "Red Hat Linux 7.1 to 7.2"... distro version numbers
are only meaningful if you identify the distro you're referring to.

> (so I can have ext3 available for use).  My question is how do I
> format a partition for an ext3 file system?  We can
> normally run the command 'mkfs' or 'mkfs.ext2' to
> format an ext2 file system, or 'mkfs.xfs' for an xfs
> file system.  I was looking for some utilily like
> 'mkfs.ext3' or similar.

tune2fs -j /dev/hda1

(or whatever the partition's device is)

If you do this while the partition is mounted, you'll see a file called
.journal in the root directory of the partition. If you don't want this,
do it while the partition is unmounted. (It doesn't really matter either
way -- it doesn't hurt anything for it to be visible.)

> Question: Does ext3 support large file (file > 2GB)?

Yes, as long as your kernel does. Any 2.4 kernel should be okay.

> Eventhough there's no mention of ext3 supporting large
> file, a friend of mine was able to copy a 2.5GB file
> to an ext3 file system.  

Well, there you go.


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