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Re: 2.4.14 + latest patch != ext3 support


> > So I got the latest kernel, 2.4.14, patched it with the ext3-2.4-0.9.15-2414 patch, picked ext3 from 'make xconfig', built the kernel, but the new stuff in /boot, etc., however when I reboot I still see a message saying that this kernel does not support ext3.
> What message, exactly?

Sorry for not being more specific.
I was referring to the boot-time message when various services are started (green OK, red FAILURE ones :))
The message states that ext3 is not supported by the kernel.
The kernel I built should have ext3 built-in (not compiled as a module), that is what I selected in the make xconfig step.

> > Do I have to run tune2fs -j /dev/hdXX even though I had ext3 there before? /etc/fstab indicates ext3, as well.
> No, you shouldn't ever have to touch the fs on kernel upgrade.

That's what I thoughtm, good.

> > So, I'm wondering how come I can't get the kernel to support ext3 FS, basically :)
> Unpack, configure, compile, install is usually fine.  Make sure when
> the kernel boots up that its version matches the version you're
> expecting from the kernel you just built, in case it's a boot config
> problem causing boot to pick up the wrong kernel.  The first line of
> the boot messages should tell you which kernel version is booting, and
> when it was compiled.

I'm booting the latest kernel, it seems: uname -a shows the time at which the kernel was built, which is the date associated with the last bzImage I built, which is the same as the date associated with /boot/vmlinuz-2.4.14.

Funny, I can see other directories just fine, but not /boot.  /boot appears empty, except for files that I copied there later, after I booted the latest kernel and saw that /boot was empty.  I was afraid things somehow got removed in the process and I wouldn't be able to boot again.
After I copied the latest kernel files there (vmlinuz-2.4.14 and System.map-2.4.14) I rebooted, but booted the old kernel (2.4.7) which showed the contents of /boot without any problems.

I will boot the old kernel to double-check the grub.conf file, but I am 99% certain that the second boot option I added points to the second kernel that I built, and that is 2.4.14 patches and rebuilt to support ext3.

I'll follow up once I check.


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