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Re: root fs mounts as ext2, others ext3

On Nov 10 Andrew Morton wrote:

>Mike Fedyk wrote:
>> On Sat, Nov 10, 2001 at 04:56:16PM -0500, Andreas Boman wrote:

>> > I have ext2 compiled in the kernel (so i can mount the initrd
>> >image), all other filesystems are modules. The initrd image contains
>> >aic7xxx, jbd, and ext3 modules.
>> >
>> > /etc/mtab reports the filesystem mounted ext3
>> > /proc/mounts reports it mounted ext2
>> > /proc/filesystems lists ext3
>> But in what order is ext2 and ext3 in /proc/filesystems?  Is ext3 first?
>I'm afraid that part of the problem is that the keeper of the
>HOWTO (me) is a complete initrd ignoramus.
>If someone could explain the issue (and the fix) in words
>which even I can understand, then I can add it to the web
>page and the situation will hopefully improve.

Has anyone with this setup (ext2 built in, ext3 as module, ext2 initrd
image) got / mounted ext3? How does RedHat 7.2 do it?

My preferred fixes are either: use a romfs initrd--but that might mean not
using (or patching :) the RedHat mkinitrd (genromfs is simpler than silly
loopback mounts anyway); or build ext3 into your kernel--maybe hack your
mkinitrd to mke2fs -j and modularise ext2.

A week ago we upgraded one of our big servers to ext3. I thought I'd leave
the entry for / in fstab as "ext2" on the grounds that the kernel wouldn't
see it until it had mounted it anyway, and built a romfs initrd with jbd,
ext3 but not ext2. /proc/mounts claims it's ext2, but if you look at the
module usage counts (ext2=1, our tripwire floppy) it has to be ext3 (well,
a priori it must be anyway :).



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