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Re: root fs mounts as ext2, others ext3

Well at least in my case I like to build one kernel which might run on
lots of machines: some have ext[23] /, some reiserfs (fairly big module)
and eventually some will be XFS (*huge* modules); now that ext3 is in
Linus' tree it will be really easy to make relatively stable kernels with
all of the above + IBM's JFS.

Also some are SCSI (with varying controller modules) and some IDE. The
only things I build in to my kernels where given the choice are: ELF,
initrd and romfs :)

Other people may have different/more pathological requirements.



At 13:35 -0500 Shawn McMahon wrote:

>Pardon my ignorance, but if your root filesystem is ext3, why would you
>not want ext3 compiled directly into the kernel?
>I mean, there's no circumstance in which you're going to want ext3 support
>unloaded; you're not gonna umount your root filesystem, right?
>Or am I missing something?

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