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RE: Software RAID and ext3 problem

>-----Original Message-----
>From: Andreas Dilger [mailto:adilger turbolabs com]
>Sent: 11 November 2001 23:46
>Have you had any problems since you went back to ext2?  If not, then I
>imagine Andrew and Neil will be able to fix it relatively quickly.

No, the fs seems to be stable since reverting back to ext2. I must admit
that it has onlt been back on ext2 for a short time (48Hrs) - but I'm pretty
sure that ext3 would have failed by now (as I've said before, it's worked
for months on ext2 before this).

The failiure seems to occur when the fs is under heavy load. I'm not sure
whether the expiration of news is 'the' trigger but that is scheduled as a
daily cron job - when all the log files are rotated too..... on the /var fs
= more load.

I haven't got the log from the e2fsck. From what I recall, during reboot the
system detects that there has been an error and tries to fsck automatically.
It then finds an unexpected inconsistency and quits, leaving me to sort it
out in single user mode. Running e2fsck manually produces quite a few errors
on the fs - but all are correctable (quite a few news article files seems to
get put in /lost+found though). I know this probably doesn't help much. If
somebody tells me exactly what output (any debug stuff etc.) they want...
and from where - then I'll change that fs to ext3 and then I think that we
just have to wait 24h :-)

Thanks for all the help so far,


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