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Re: root fs mounts as ext2, others ext3

On Sat, 10 Nov 2001 22:08:24 -0800
Andrew Morton <akpm zip com au> wrote:

> Mike Fedyk wrote:
> > 
> > On Sat, Nov 10, 2001 at 04:56:16PM -0500, Andreas Boman wrote:
> > > I have ext2 compiled in the kernel (so i can mount the initrd image), all other filesystems are modules. The initrd image contains aic7xxx, jbd, and ext3 modules.
> > >
> > > /etc/mtab reports the filesystem mounted ext3
> > > /proc/mounts reports it mounted ext2
> > > /proc/filesystems lists ext3
> > >
> > 
> > But in what order is ext2 and ext3 in /proc/filesystems?  Is ext3 first?
> > 
> > Really, this question has been asked so many times in the last couple
> > months, it's ridiculous.
> > 
> I'm afraid that part of the problem is that the keeper of the
> HOWTO (me) is a complete initrd ignoramus.
> If someone could explain the issue (and the fix) in words
> which even I can understand, then I can add it to the web
> page and the situation will hopefully improve.
> Anyone?

The issue lies with the mkinitrd script. I would assume that most distros have updated script at this time that take care of it, if not this is how what "works here"(tm).

in addition to "the normal stuff" you will find in your init rd image you need:
1: static verions of mount,umount and pivot_root (in /bin on the image)
2: the image needs a /mnt directory
3: something like the following needs to be added to the linuxrc script on the image:
	mount -n -t $rootfs $rootdev /mnt
	mkdir -p /mnt/realroot
	pivot_root /mnt /mnt/realroot

where $rootfs will be ext3 and $rootdev the root device. You may have to copy the root device node to the image as well (I didnt -could be because of devfs, I really dont know).

Anybody who has a little shell script knowledge should be able to add a few lines to add the above to their mkinitrd scripts.

hope that helps.

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