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Re: Distinct transactions


On Sat, Nov 10, 2001 at 08:32:06PM -0500, Charlie Woloszynski wrote:
> Our configuration file has grown to a collection of files that we want to
> atomically switch to.  I have tried to hard link (as root) a directory under
> ext2 to another directory, and I get a permission error.  According to 'man
> link' this means that the file system does not allow hard linked directories.
> Is this true of ext2 and ext3?


> Since this is atomic in ext3, it looked like a good idea.  But now, we are
> stuck on EPERM.  Did I do something else wrong or is this pan flawed to start?

You can't do directory hardlinks without introducing the possibility
of circular directory loops.  That's generally considered a bad thing!

You can achieve the same thing safely with symlinks, where your config
directory is actually a symlink to the old or new config directory.


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