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Re: EXT3 with 2.2.20 - Is it stable enough for a production server th at is used 24X7?


> I have a production server that is running 2.2.20.  This server *has* to be

Me too...

> 1)  Is ext3 on 2.2.20 rock stable?  Or, would you recommend that I just stay
> with ext2?

It has been running for 4 days on my server and a week on my workstation.
And much longer than that on earlier kernels, of course.  Haven't had any
problem related to this for 6 months.  (Any reproducible one for 15 months.)

However, there has been an Oops report earlier today.  But I'm no expert.

By the way, wasn't there a couple of issues still open?  Wasn't a 0.0.7b
scheduled some time ago?  I'm thinking of e.g.:

> 2)  I have looked far and wide for a the ext3 patch for 2.2.20 - where can I
> find it?

I asked about the same last week.  The patch for 2.2.19, version 0.0.7a,
looks all right, and can be found at:

Oh, I forgot, thanks to those who replied to me...

> 3)  Were are the e2fsprogs that are appropriate to run with the 2.2.X kernel
> series?

Try version 1.25: http://sourceforge.net/projects/e2fsprogs

						Good luck,
						Cedric Ware.

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