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Oops on 2.4.13 w/ ext3-2.4-0.9.13-2413


We have about 20 - 30 embedded machines running Linux 2.4.13, which the
ext3-2.4-0.9.13-2413 patch applied.  These are PowerPC 7410 based systems.

I am getting reports of Oops happening either during removes (rm's), or
coppies (cp's).  Most reports state that issuing the same command once the
system boots back up, does not cause it to crash.  I guess its something
else leading up to the crash.

Here is the ksymoops output of one of the crashes.  Any input/help
would be appreciated..  This is the first time using ksymoops, so let
me know if I should run it with different options.

Btw: Could anyone tell me what the warning line below means?  Thanks..

Oops: Exception in kernel mode, sig: 4
NIP: C00803F4 XER: 00000000 LR: C00804D8 SP: C6DC3C90 REGS: c6dc3be0 TRAP: 0700    Not tainted
Using defaults from ksymoops -t elf32-powerpc -a powerpc:common
MSR: 00089032 EE: 1 PR: 0 FP: 0 ME: 1 IR/DR: 11
TASK = c6dc2000[386] 'cp' Last syscall: 5 
last math c6dc2000 last altivec 00000000
GPR00: 00000001 C6DC3C90 C6DC2000 C05E1000 00000000 00000000 00000001 00004B31 
GPR08: 00002219 00000001 00006219 00000001 44000042 018211F0 00000000 00000000 
GPR16: 7FFFF864 00000000 C0190000 C0190000 00000100 C0190000 C0190000 C6DC3DA8 
GPR24: 00000000 C7751C80 00004B31 C05E1000 C05E1000 00000001 00000000 00000000 
Call backtrace: 
C0190000 C007E2D8 C006BE04 C006ED18 C006F1C0 C0025424 C00589AC 
C00701C8 C0058BC4 C00398DC C004BE94 C003AD70 C003B25C C0003DFC 
01819404 0180295C 01803E08 01804590 01801CF4 01802564 016DBA08 
Warning (Oops_read): Code line not seen, dumping what data is available

>>NIP; c00803f4 <journal_check_used_features+28/7c>   <=====
Trace; c0190000 <Unused_offset+7894/1c258>
Trace; c007e2d8 <journal_revoke+40/358>
Trace; c006be04 <ext3_forget+f4/184>
Trace; c006ed18 <ext3_free_branches+11c/288>
Trace; c006f1c0 <ext3_truncate+33c/4c0>
Trace; c0025424 <vmtruncate+148/160>
Trace; c00589ac <inode_setattr+34/108>
Trace; c00701c8 <ext3_setattr+144/190>
Trace; c0058bc4 <notify_change+90/13c>
Trace; c00398dc <do_truncate+108/1cc>
Trace; c004be94 <open_namei+650/7e8>
Trace; c003ad70 <filp_open+58/84>
Trace; c003b25c <sys_open+4c/fc>
Trace; c0003dfc <ret_from_syscall_1+0/b4>
Trace; 01819404 Before first symbol
Trace; 0180295c Before first symbol
Trace; 01803e08 Before first symbol
Trace; 01804590 Before first symbol
Trace; 01801cf4 Before first symbol
Trace; 01802564 Before first symbol
Trace; 016dba08 Before first symbol
Trace; 00000000 Before first symbol

A little more information about our system:

MPC7410, 256MB of ram, the drive is a SanDisk CF+ 512MB Drive. 
The root partition is mounted as EXT3: (Output of tune2fs -l):

tune2fs 1.24a (02-Sep-2001)
Filesystem volume name:   /
Last mounted on:          <not available>
Filesystem UUID:          1e9b04dc-f9ef-463e-bc4c-69f1d8506edb
Filesystem magic number:  0xEF53
Filesystem revision #:    1 (dynamic)
Filesystem features:      has_journal filetype sparse_super
Filesystem state:         clean
Errors behavior:          Continue
Filesystem OS type:       Linux
Inode count:              122400
Block count:              489384
Reserved block count:     24469
Free blocks:              165035
Free inodes:              102699
First block:              1
Block size:               1024
Fragment size:            1024
Blocks per group:         8192
Fragments per group:      8192
Inodes per group:         2040
Inode blocks per group:   255
Last mount time:          Sun Nov 11 06:50:09 2001
Last write time:          Sun Nov 11 06:50:09 2001
Mount count:              5
Maximum mount count:      24
Last checked:             Wed Nov  7 03:46:45 2001
Check interval:           15552000 (6 months)
Next check after:         Mon May  6 04:46:45 2002
Reserved blocks uid:      0 (user root)
Reserved blocks gid:      0 (group root)
First inode:              11
Inode size:               128
Journal UUID:             <none>
Journal inode:            8
Journal device:           0x0000
First orphan inode:       0

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