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Re: 7.2 might have ate my partition table.

On Tue, 2001-11-13 at 17:54, Tom Diehl wrote:
> I cc the ext3 list on this because the partitions were converted
> from ext2 to ext3 during the Roswell upgrade from 7.1. 

Its incredibly unlikely (in fact I'd say its impossible) for it to be an
ext3 issue.   Your most likely candidates are the cpqarray hardware,
which has some bizzarre behaviours occaisionally, or possibly the kernel
has scribbled on the partition table - VM fault of some sort maybe.

Do you have the compaq monitoring stuff on that machine?  If so thats
almost certainly your problem - compaq supply those as binary kernel
modules which they hack on install to match the kernel versioning.  I
suggest anyone considering using them not do so and tell the compaq
sales droids to provide source.  [I have evidence that they do scribble
on random memory - most likely due to a kernel or toolchain version

For the record, I have had compaq servers with cpqarrays running ext3
for well over a year now.


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