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Re: Oops on 2.4.13 w/ ext3-2.4-0.9.13-2413


On Tue, Nov 13, 2001 at 04:41:36PM -0800, Paul White wrote:
> We have about 20 - 30 embedded machines running Linux 2.4.13, which the
> ext3-2.4-0.9.13-2413 patch applied.  These are PowerPC 7410 based systems.
> I am getting reports of Oops happening either during removes (rm's), or
> coppies (cp's).  Most reports state that issuing the same command once the
> system boots back up, does not cause it to crash.  I guess its something
> else leading up to the crash.

Is it always the same oops?

> Btw: Could anyone tell me what the warning line below means?  Thanks..

> >>NIP; c00803f4 <journal_check_used_features+28/7c>   <=====
> Trace; c0190000 <Unused_offset+7894/1c258>
> Trace; c007e2d8 <journal_revoke+40/358>
> Trace; c006be04 <ext3_forget+f4/184>
> Trace; c006ed18 <ext3_free_branches+11c/288>
> Trace; c006f1c0 <ext3_truncate+33c/4c0>
> Trace; c0025424 <vmtruncate+148/160>

This is _really_ weird.  

That is an enormously simple function, which gets called all the time
to check journal capabilities when we are about to write a revoke
record into a journal.  That happens any time we delete any metadata,
so both truncating a file or overwriting an old file with new data
will go down this path, every time.

The function only tests a few simple data structures in memory, so by
the time it gets called, the damage must already have been done.

If we could see some of the other oopses, it would help in determining
any pattern here.


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