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RE: partition magic

Just my 2cents.

I attempted to resize an extended partition with 3 ext2 partitions in it. I
enlarged it and made my /usr partition larger.

It failed horribly.  PQmagic reported a partition table error #108 and I
ended up having to re-install.

This was with Partition Magic Pro 7.0.

so, backup...backup..backup.

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> From: Steve Lee [mailto:maillist blitzen net]
> Sent: Thursday, November 15, 2001 06:17 AM
> To: ext3-users redhat com
> Subject: partition magic
> Does anyone know if i can resize
> an ext3 partition with parition magic ?
> Although ext3 is backwards compatible 
> with ext2, that doesn't mean it is
> able to work in partition magic ? right ?
> need to resize my harddrive without 
> installing over.  too much to setup
> from start.  i rather buy the software
> to repartition than to reinstall.
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