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Re: lost+found missing, Bug or feature?

On Nov 21, 2001  12:22 -0500, Tom Diehl wrote:
> I noticed that some of my ext3 partitions have a lost+found directory
> and some do not. Which is correct? mke2fs -j makes the lost+found
> but after a fresh install of 7.2 there are no lost+found on 
> partitions that were formatted. I want to make them all the same but 
> I am not sure which is correct. I do not plan on going back to 
> ext2 but.........

Well, this must be a Red Hat policy (not one I agree with, at that).
The lost+found directory makes it absolutely safe to put unlinked inodes
there at fsck time.  Yes, e2fsck will make a lost+found directory if it
needs it, but that has _some_ chance of corrupting a file which could
otherwise be recovered.

You can make your own lost+found with "mklost+found".  It will create
the directory in your current working directory, so make sure you are
in the root of each fs when you do that.

If the reason RH did this is because of space, it is only 30kB to "save".
If they did this for "appearances", then they should rather have fixed
mke2fs and e2fsck to use ".lost+found" instead, it isn't hard, and I
expect that at least the e2fsck part would make it into stock e2fsprogs.
They would also need to add a cron script which searched for files in
.lost+found and emailed root about it (if they don't already, I don't
know) so that files don't just "disappear" after recovery.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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