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Re: ext3 convert

On Nov 27, 2001  02:11 +0100, Rene Engelhard wrote:
> I installed a new kernel with ext3 support and I want
> to convert my ext2 partitions to ext3.
> I used to do
>    tune2fs -j /dev/hdX
> I did this and it works.
> Now I converted one of my partitions, the other are system ones
> (/home, /boot, /)
> Do I have to do this command when these partitions umounted (the other
> was)? How do I do that, I cannot start this program if there are not
> mounted. Or do I think wrong?

No, you can do it while they are mounted.  If you do it while they are
mounted, then you will get a file ".journal" in your filesystem, which
you should not delete or backup.  Just ignore it, and it will go away
as soon as you install e2fsprogs 1.26 (or later, but it is not released
yet).  You will still have a .journal in your / filesystem, just leave
it alone.

Remember to change /etc/fstab to have "ext3" in it.

> Another question. Can /boot be converted into ext3 or it is better to
> let /boot be ext2?

Only if you like waiting for e2fsck to run.  If you use /boot as an
emergency root fs like I do, you may want to leave it as ext2 until
even your old kernels all have ext3 support in them.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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