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Re: Reading output from "debugfs -R stat <8>"

Mike Fedyk wrote:
> Am I correct in thinking that (IND):12819 is a indirect block at 12819?

> If so, from reading 2.4.14/Documentation/filesystems:
> There are pointers to the first 12 blocks which contain the file's data
> in the inode.  There is a pointer to an indirect block (which contains
> pointers to the next set of blocks), a pointer to a doubly-indirect
> block (which contains pointers to indirect blocks) and a pointer to a
> trebly-indirect block (which contains pointers to doubly-indirect blocks)
> ...This makes me think that there should be only three indirect blocks, 1)
> for blocks over 12 [direct blocks] 2) indirect blocks 3) doubly indirect
> blocks.
> Why are there so many indirect blocks?

One direct block covers one block
One indirect block covers 1024 blocks
One dindirect block covers 1024 indirects
One tindirect block covers 1024 dindirects.

So you're seeing all the indirects which are covered by the
first dindirect.


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