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Re: ext3 for 2.2 and LFS

I've got LFS patches available at
(Along with other stuff like extended attributes and acls.)

The general lfs patch is adapted from the -aa series
kernels. (linux-2.2.20-lfs-1.0.patch)
The ext3 specific patch was pulled from the linux-fsdevel list, and is
updated to work with 0.0.7a. (linux-2.2.20-ext3+lfs-1.0.patch)

There is also a small patch to workaround a rare oops on ext3-0.0.7a.
Details about this problem are in the list archives (several months ago).

Hope this helps.

On 29 Nov 2001, Peter Bowen wrote:

> In the Red Hat Linux spec file for the 2.2.19 kernel, there is a note
> not to enable ext3 and LFS at the same time.  I'm wondering whether this
> is an old note, and that it is safe to use ext3 0.0.7a on a system with
> LFS enabled, or if there are still issues with it.
> I'm aware that 0.0.7a is a really old version, and 2.2 isn't the most
> modern kernel, but it is what I have to work with.
> Thanks.
> Peter
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