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Often seeing i_blocks too large after recovery(ies)

I have many systems running current ext3 code.  Some of them have
hardware problems that lead to frequent reboots, and the journal
recovery has worked excellently.  However, on the periodic forced fsck
on supposedly recovered and clean filesystems, I've many times seen
fsck report that i_blocks is too large in one or more inodes.

I suspect that i_blocks is somehow escaping proper restoration during
the log replay.

This is obviously not a critical problem, but it seems to have
persisted through several minor ext3 revisions, so I thought it
would be a good idea to mention it here.

PS: The hardware problems in question are video driver lockups.  One
    machine is a desktop with nVidia's closed driver and the other
    is a ThinkPad 570 using the open neomagic driver; I don't think
    there's a specific connection between this bad hardware and the
    i_blocks problem.
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