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Re: How to decide mode and journal size?

?? ?? wrote:
I am using it for file-server, mail-spool, print-server, and nfs-server.
Many clients are accessing to it. Then latency is more important feature.

I decided that mode=orderd is the best choce.  :-)

How about a journal size?
Default value is the best choice?
I would not say so.
A simpler way is to run mke2fs with a -n, send the output across to the list.
On the other hand, assuming a ordered journal and a blocksize of 4K, 8192 blocks imply 36MB for the journal. I would suggest assuming an average disk usage of 50%, start with 256 MB for the journal size.
Disclaimer: This is a back of envelope calculation.

You can always change it later using tune2fs -J size=nnn, where nnn i fs blocks.


FYI: You reply-to email address does not show up correcly in english mail clients, I use mozilla on x86 linux and your name shows up in a non-english characters.

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