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RE:Re: Re: RE:Re: RE:How to decide mode and journal size?

Thanks everyone.
I didn't guess a reply such a very quick response.

>On Apr 03, 2002  17:44 +0900, morishima dtts co jp wrote:
>> I am using it for file-server, mail-spool, print-server, and nfs-server.
>> Many clients are accessing to it. Then latency is more important feature.
>> Huuum.
>> I decided that mode=orderd is the best choce.  :-)
>> How about a journal size?
>> Default value is the best choice?
>If you are using it for mail spool and NFS server, then you are best off
>to use data=journal.  That is because NFS and mail both do a lot of sync
>I/O, and data=journal does sync I/O fastest (although it slows down
>other I/O if the system is very busy).
>If you are going to use data=journal, then you want a larger journal
>than the default size.  The actual size depends on your largest amount
>of I/O within 5 seconds, so 128-256 MB would be OK for that.  If you are
>going to use data=ordered (default mode) then a smaller journal is OK.
>You will only need to store metadata in the journal, so the default size
>of 32MB is probably still OK.  Note that it is possible for the entire
>journal to be pinned in memory, so if you make the journal too large,
>you may have memory problems.

It's a very important thing.
Think about it again which is better.
I'll make a 256MB journal if I chose data=journal.


>FYI: You reply-to email address does not show up correcly in english 
>mail clients, I use mozilla on x86 linux and your name shows up in a 
>non-english characters.

I know. I am using a web-based mail client. I want to change a 
name-field to alpha-numeric, But administrator doesn't...

Hideki Morishima

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