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Re: EXT3: tail packing status / a few questions

On Thu, 2002-04-04 at 22:14, IT3 Stuart Blake Tener, USNR-R wrote:
> Dr. Tweedie, et al.:
> 	I have decided to move to EXT3 from ReiserFS if I can get tail
> packing for EXT3. Last I had asked about it, someone had written some
> sort of patch but it was not official (I think), and was questionable if
> it had worked or not. Can someone tell me the status in the instant? If
> I installed 2.4.18 or a later kernel, would tail packing be part of
> EXT3? How would I turn it on or off?

Why is tailpacking so important for you? I'd rather have a stable and
proven filesystem than 5% extra space (that's what it gives me according
to the reiserfs docs)

> 	I also have a couple of other questions:
> 	a) How can I revert back to EXT2 from EXT3, since Partition
> Magic does not know how to resize an EXT3 partition.

The manpage of tune2fs gives me this, I'm sure you know what to do with

       -O [^]feature[,...]
              Set  or  clear  the  indicated  filesystem features
              (options)  in  the  filesystem.   More   than   one
              filesystem  feature  can be cleared or set by sepa­
              rating features with commas.   Filesystem  features
              prefixed  with  a  caret  character  ('^')  will be
              cleared in the filesystem's superblock;  filesystem
              features  without  a  prefix  character or prefixed
              with a plus character ('+') will be  added  to  the

              The  following  filesystem  features  can be set or
              cleared using tune2fs:

                          Limit the number of backup  superblocks
                          to save space on large filesystems.

                          Store  file  type information in direc­
                          tory entries.

                          Create an ext3 journal (as if using the
                          -j option).

              After  setting  or clearing any filesystem feature,
              e2fsck(8) must be run on the filesystem  to  return
              the filesystem to a consistent state.

> 	b) Someone had posted a command to adjust the percentage of
> "reserve" space that EXT3 sets aside, can someone repost that again?

Manpages rock! The same manpage that gave me the journal-stuff also
gives me:
       -m reserved-blocks-percentage
              Set the percentage of reserved filesystem blocks.

       -r reserved-blocks-count
              Set the number of reserved filesystem blocks.

Next time when you mail a mailinglist first try google, man, etc. first?


Erik Smit

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