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Re: Problems with ext3


As far as I see there is nothing wrong with the partition, if you change it from /(root) you should be able to mount it directly as long as the kernel supports ext3 filesystem and you use the correct -t option. Not even necessary to repair it.

This is a guess, but what most probably happened is that ext3 is builtin as a module or the mount statement in the initrd in /linuxrc was not updated from ext2 to ext3.


Edgar Alwers wrote:
Thanks for your help through my colleague Beatriz Botero.

I could boot the box in maintenance modus, edit /etc/fstab and exclude /dev/hdb2 from booting. After that, I could at least boot up normally my first hd.

Now one question and one general remark.

The question: how could I try to rescue the /dev/hdb2 partition ? I mean, do I have to formate the disk or what could be a better procedure ? And would a format solve my problem ?

The general remark: after this experience, I would strongly recomend _not_ to_change a running ext2 partition in an ext3 one, as it seems that recovery processes in the event of a crash and consequential forced check may have catastrophal consequences. I had downloaded the newest e2fsprogs version 1.27 and even this program could not repair the partition. Not imaginable what would have happened, if I would have also changed the partition containing root !

I would like to have your opinion on this remark !
Thanks again for your help

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