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Re: Problems with ext3

Edgar Alwers wrote:

I continue in an vicious circle: I could not umount /dev/hdb2 from my mountpoint /disk2. I get always a message: divice is busy.

That's because it is. It's your root filesystem, after all -- if you could umount it, you wouldn't have anything accessible.

What you can try is to pass the "-r" option to umount (man umount for details), so that if it can't umount the filesystem, then it remounts it read-only instead. Then the needs_recovery flag should get cleared.

But as soon as the FS is mounted read-write (or perhaps as soon as a write occurs, I'm not sure on that as I'm not familiar with the ext3 code itself), the flag gets set so that *if* a shutdown occurs without a clean umount (if, say, the power goes out), the FS will get checked on next bootup. You can't predict a power outage, so the flag needs to be set pretty much all the time. It's normal.

> What means that the system is always under
recovery conditions !

Well, sort of, but not quite. The filesystem is always in a state that *if* something happened and it wasn't cleanly umounted, it would check as soon as you booted the next time, and recovery would happen.

Hope this helps.

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