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[PATCH] open files in kjounald

Hello everybody!

As I wrote in my mail the previous week ("BUG: 2.4.19pre1 & journal_thread
& open filehandles") I followed the problem a little bit further.

Here's my patch; I beg the ext3-maintainers (Stephen, Andreas, Andrew) to
have a look at it and submit it to Marcelo and Linux for inclusion.
(2.4 is for now for me more important than 2.5).


On every mount of ext3 (and I suppose all journaling filesystems which use
jbd, although I didn't test this) a new kjournald is created. All kjournald
share the same file-information.

Before this patch it would accumulativly fetch open files from the calling
process (normally mount); I verified this via (in bash)
	exec 30< /etc/services
	mount <partition> /mnt/tmp
	ps -aux | grep kjournald
	ls -la <pid of any kjournald>
gives, among 0, 1 and 2
	30 -> /etc/services

This is really awful as you can't umount devfs (normally /dev/console is
opened as from the start-scripts) and so / can't be umounted.

After applying this patch the open files were gone.

Please apply this patch ASAP - thank you very much.



diff -ru linux/fs/jbd/journal.c linux.ori/fs/jbd/journal.c
--- linux/fs/jbd/journal.c      Mon Apr 22 06:29:16 2002
+++ linux.ori/fs/jbd/journal.c  Mon Apr 22 06:28:54 2002
@@ -204,7 +204,6 @@

-       exit_files(current);

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