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Re: ext3 with 2.4.18, back to 2.2.20 ?

On Apr 25, 2002  14:38 +0200, admin cideweb com wrote:
> I installed a 2.4.18 kernel, with ext3 support and make a
> tune2fs -j /dev/sdxxx
> with all partitions, now I want to run a 2.2.20 kernel, I want to know if I
> can use the patch for 2.2.20 series (0.0.7a) without problems with my new
> ext3 partitions, or I must mount it as ext2 from 2.2.20, thanks.

...and now for the _correct_ answer...

Yes, it is fine to use ext3 on 2.2 for a filesystem created on 2.4.
The only _slight_ possibility of confusion is whether the 0.0.7a
ext3 has support for the reserved journal inode (#8), but I think
that it does.  IIRC, there were also a couple of bugs fixed since
0.0.7a was released, but there has not been a 0.0.7b release.  You
may want to consider getting the latest RH 2.2 kernel and at least
extracting the ext3 patches out from there, because I believe they
will include the fixes missing from 0.0.7a.  Even so, I _think_
that the fixes made since 0.0.7a are relatively minor ones, but
I haven't used a 2.2 kernel in a long time.

That said, you don't necessarily _need_ to have ext3 support in your
2.2 kernel if you are only booting to it for a short time, as long
as you shut your system down cleanly.  That is one of the nice
benefits of ext3 - you can mount it as ext2 easily.  If you _are_
running 2.2.20 for a long time and want ext3, even then I believe
that the 0.0.7a patches are still OK.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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