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Re: Inode/Blocksize questions

On Apr 29, 2002  14:56 -0500, Matt Stegman wrote:
> If you're really worried about space efficiency, then as bad as it may be
> to say on the ext3-users list, you may want to consider reiserfs - it
> usually benchmarks faster on small files (where "small" is under 15kB, I
> think), and is more space-efficient then ext2/3, if you enable tail
> packing.

Just to clarify, reiserfs performs well for small files, where "small"
is less than blocksize/2.  Once the filesize is larger than that, ext3
and reiserfs perform about evenly.  For a large number small files (e.g.
like 100 byte files used in the reiserfs "mongo" benchmark), reiserfs
does not need to do nearly as much file I/O as ext3 (which always needs
to write out a full 4kB even for 100 byte files).

Note also that using tail packing (the default) decreases the performance
of reiserfs noticably.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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