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Please Help -- Raid shutdown problem

We are running redhat 7.2 with 2.4 kernel. There is a 2 disk RAID 1 array which had a disk fail. The disk that failed had GRUB on it which in turn made the system unbootable. Our recovery method in a time of panic was to reinstall on a new disk saving certain partitions and reconstructing the array afterwards.

During the reinstall we made a boot disk. Now we have 2 problems. 

1.) The system will not shutdown cleanly. It gets to the point of saying no more service left in this run level and hangs. proc/mdstat show the disks as synced but ps aux shows raid1syncd running for each raid1d process

2.) We are having some trouble getting the system to boot from the hard disk/RAID

How can I install the GRUB boot information to both disks so the system will boot even if one disk fails? So far we have done, from a grub prompt, root (hda0,1) and setup (hda0,1) when the system tries to boot it says error loading operating system. The first partition is swap that's why we used 0,1


Aaron Lewis
aaron jsw4 net

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