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Re: problem for fsck

Hi Stephen,

              Thanx for the immediate response.   

I tried doing the mkinitrd but it is not working ? It works with my previously availabel   kernel (the one that comes with RH7.3). This kernel also has the ext3 as a module, but when i compiled my own kernel, then even after doing the mkinitrd and the giving the proper kernel version parameter, the img that it creates is not loading the ext3 module.

    I guess its some prbolem with my module versions. My first kernel had the module versions ON, while the one i compiled has them OFF. So, i removed the previous image, and recreated the file (-f) img, but still it doesn't work ?

Can u help me out...





 "Stephen C. Tweedie" wrote:


On Thu, Aug 08, 2002 at 10:59:22PM -0700, Kedar Sovani wrote:

> The /proc/mounts says it is mounted as ext2. Why
> so ???. I have the journal on the disk, and also the
> fstab mentions ext3 as the fs type.
> So how od i mount the root partition as ext3 ???

Most likely your kernel doesn't have the ext3 filesystem compiled in.
If that's the case, and ext3 is a module instead, you need to have an
initrd to run at boot time which loads the ext3 module and mounts the
filesystem for you.

For Red Hat systems, "mkinitrd" will build such an initrd, but you
need to run it _after_ modifying /etc/fstab so that mkinitrd can see
that you want to use ext3 instead of ext2.


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