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Re: Kernel Bug


On Sat, Aug 17, 2002 at 08:02:40PM -0700, Poul Petersen wrote:
> 	I have a DB server running ext3 under fairly extreme load. The
> system is a Dell 2550 (Dual P-III 1Ghz with a gig of RAM) running RedHat 7.2
> with the stock 2.4.7-10 kernel. Things have been swell for 95 days, but I
> just got bit:
> Linux  2.4.7-10smp #1 SMP Thu Sep 6 17:09:31 EDT 2001 i686 unknown
> [root@ root]# cat /root/oops.20020817
> kernel BUG at journal.c:373!

There are two ways that can happen.  One was fixed in 2.4.18-4smp, the
other was fixed fairly recently.

> 	Is this a known bug?

I hope so --- it's impossible to be 100% sure that what you
encountered was exactly the same as what we fixed, but there's a good
chance it is.

> RedHat bugs in 2.4.18-3. Does the stock 2.4.19 kernel represent the most
> uptodate and stable version of ext3?

No, 2.4.19 froze before all of those fixes were complete.  2.4.19-ac
has more of the ext3 updates, and I've got just final testing to do
before flushing the rest to Marcelo for 2.4.20.  The latest is in
ext3's cvs (ext3-1_0-branch), which I updated to 2.4.20-pre3


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