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Re: unmountable ext3 root recovery

On Aug 20, 2002  16:55 -0400, James H. Cloos Jr. wrote:
> After a (hardware) crash yesterday, I was unable to boot up due to
> unrecoverable ide errors (according to the printk()s) when accessing
> the root filesystem's journal for recovery.
> Unable to recover, I tried deleting the has_journal option, but that was
> disallowed given that the needs_recovery flag was set.  I saw no way
> to unset that flag.

Well, you could use "echo ^needs_recovery | debugfs -w /dev/foo" to
remove this flag, and then use tune2fs to remove the journal.  You
could just use e2fsck -f on the dumped filesystem image.  It _should_
also detect that the journal data is corrupt, but you might not want
to take that chance.

> Unable to access the backups (they were on a fw drive), I was able to
> dump the unrecovered filesystem, mke2fs and restore.

When you say "dump" do you mean dump as in backup, or dump as in "dd"?

> So I'm back to a un-journaled root for the moment (at least it is small).
> Was dump/mkfs/restore the only option in such a case, or is there a
> way to mount the fs w/o recovering the journal?  Simply ignoring the
> journal, as the dump/mkfs/restore did, is better than an unbootable box.

Well, no, there is no way to mount the filesystem with that flag set,
although it is possible (as shown above) to remove it in emergency.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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