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Re: unmountable ext3 root recovery

>>>>> "Theodore" == Theodore Ts'o <tytso mit edu> writes:

Theodore> Were you trying to recover the filesystme using e2fsck?
Theodore> What version of e2fsck were you using?  And what messages
Theodore> did e2fsck print out?

First I got errors from the ide subsystem when trying to mount the fs;
rebooting from the suse 7.3 install cd into rescue mode I tried first
to mount then (after another reboot) to e2fsck(8).  

All e2fsck printed was that it was recovering the journal; all of the
errors were printk()s from ide indicating hardware errors reading the
relevant sectors.  e2fsck was of course stuck in D state.

The version on the rescue ramdisk is probably e2fsprogs-1.24a, as the
cds include e2fsprogs-1.24-11.src.rpm.

The disk is failing and will be replaced, but I've been keeping it
going until that happens.


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