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journal aborting and remounting /boot as ro


Apologies in advance for any breaches of netiquette, I couldn't find any guidelines 
about submission to this forum but I'd be grateful for your help on something.

My /boot filesystem is being remounted shortly after start-up as read-only.

I get the following messages...

journal_bmap_Ra7a5f568: journal block not found at offset 12 on ide0(3,1)
Aborting journal on device ide0(3,1)

ext3_abort called
EXT3_fs abort (device ide0(3,1): ext3_journal_start: Detected aborted journal
Remounting filesystem read-only

Any ideas how I can fix this? My fstab looks like this...

LABEL=/		/		ext3		defaults				1 1
LABEL=/boot		/boot		ext3		defaults				1 2
none			/dev/pts	devpts	gid=5,mode=620			0 0
none			/proc		proc		defaults				0 0
none			/dev/shm	tmpfs		defaults				0 0
/dev/hda3		swap		swap		defaults				0 0
/dev/cdrom		/mnt/cdrom	iso9660	noauto,user,kudzu,ro		0 0
/dev/hdd4		/mnt/zip	auto		noauto,user,kudzu,rw		0 0
/dev/fd0		/mnt/floppy	auto		noauto,user,kudzu,rw		0 0
thrombin:/users/	/users		nfs		noauto,user,exec,dev,rw,hard,intr	0 0
#/dev/hdb1		/dosc		ntfs		ro,umask=000			0 0
/dev/hdb2		/dosd		vfat		ro,umask=000			0 0
tof:/export/home/	/tof		nfs		noauto,user,exec,dev,rw		0 0

I'm running RH 7.3, installed from rpms so I haven't done any configuration of ext3, 
and haven't been able to find any documentation on how to.

I discovered the problem when trying to upgrade the kernel which, obviously, can't
be done with /boot mounted read-only. Curiously, I was able to use up2date to upgrade 
to kernel-2.4.18-5 recently without this problem. Otherwise, I haven't noticed any effects.

Any advice much appreciated,

John O'Brien.

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