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kjounald takes too much cpu

Hi all,

The problem I have now is similar to previous posts in this list before, but I 
couldn't find the solution. If the solution is there, please refer me to 
that, and I apologize for not being able to find it.

I recently installed RH7.3, with ext3 fs, on several identical computers.
The processor is AMD 1900+, the motherboard is ASUS A7V266-C,
and the hard drive is a Maxtor 40GB, 7200 rpm. 512 MB memory.

The problem appears when I run a large program, that needs to
dump a lot of data to the disk. "kjournald" starts to take cpu
and then my program must share the cpu. Consequently,
my program needs a longer real time tu run.

As an experiment, I reinstalled the OS on one of the computers but now 
formating the disk using ext2 file system. The net result is that my program
needs considerable less time to run on the ext2 than on the ext3.

Is this normal?
How can I get the ext3 fs to perform as well as the ext2 fs?
It is necessary to do some 'tuning' on the ext3fs?

Thank you very much,

				Marcelo Carignano
				cari purdue edu

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