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Re: "busy hang" on e2fsck (on a ext3 partition)

On Sun, Aug 25, 2002 at 09:41:15AM -0400, Stuffed Crust wrote:
> (There really doesn't seem to be a dedicated e2fsprogs list, so this was
>  the next-best place I could find.  I don't place much faith in the
>  sourceforge forums..)
> The filesystem in question is a 480 gig ext3 partition, on a hardware
> RAID5 controller.  It's approximately 90% full, with something
> like 115K files.  Kernel 2.4.20-pre4, on a Duron 900.
> As I type this, e2fsck has used up ~811 minutes of CPU time and has a
> RSS size of 72 megs.  It's been in stage2 for at least ten hours of wall
> time now.
> Initially, I gave up on waiting the first couple of attempts, and
> upgraded from e2fsprogs-1.27 to 1.28-WIP-0817.  That didn't seem to make
> any difference.  I'm invoking e2fsck with '-d -v -tt', and stage1 spat
> out statitics when it finished, but stage2 is just sitting there..

I assume you mean "Pass1" and "Pass2" when you say "stage1" and

Could you run the following command, and send me a pointer to it:

e2image -r /dev/hdXXX | bzip2 > hdXXX.img.bz2

(Replace /dev/hdXXX and hdXXX.img.bz2 as appropriate.)  See the
e2image man page for more information, but this will create a
metadata-only dump of your filesystem, and then compress it.  It will
be very useful for me to figure out what might be going on.  

Something else that would be useful would be to try running e2fsck
with the "-C 0" option, and let me know what the progress bar does
when it reaches "stage 2".

						- Ted

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