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Re: Total lockups using ext3


On Fri, Feb 01, 2002 at 06:10:48PM +0000, Anthony Campbell wrote:
> They always occur when I am online, downloading. The moden stops, the
> hard disk light is on, and no key works. They never happen with 2.2.20
> or with earlier (i.e. pre-ext3) 2.4 kernels, and they never occur on my
> laptop with any kernel, including those using ext3.
> Since inactivating ext3 (by changing /etc/fstab) the lockups have ceased
> to occur.
> I therefore conclude that the lockups are due to ext3. I can manage
> without it but would like to use it if possible. Any suggestions please?

Doesn't sound like a filesystem problem --- if the hd remains on, it
sounds very much as if you've got something going wrong in the disk
stack, either in the ide driver or the disk itself giving up.  The
fact that it always happens when the modem is on also suggests that
this is not a filesystem problem.

Try reproducing it with a readable console enabled --- either run in
text console mode (no X), or set up a serial console and use another
machine to capture the output.  "ttywatch" is excellent for monitoring
serial consoles.


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