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Re: slowdown and reiserfs

On Mon, 2002-02-04 at 13:30, Skylar Thompson wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 04, 2002 at 11:28:11AM +0100, Joe Radinger wrote:
> > hi
> > i got 2 questions and maybe someone could shed some light:
> > 
> > a) i'm using kernel 2.4.17 and use ext3 in it. is it possible that the
> > whole system is slower than with ext2? i switched back to ext2 (great
> > feature!!!) and the system's  response seemed somewhat better.
> > should/could there be such a effect as double writing of journaled data?
> It kind of depends on your hardware and disk usage. In many cases, however,
> ext3 has higher performance because it can serialize operations.

hardware is a p2 350 mhz with 120gb (linux)  + 20gb (beos and windows
thus not used :))), with 256 mb ram. 
its not the fastest machine on earth, but its ok for normal user-stuff,
compiling and so on. system load drops never under 1.0 as i almost
everytime compile (niced).
average file size is not too big, as i dont have to much big files, but
some directories are quite crowded (thousands of files).
maybe i should try and benchmark my system. any suggestions?

> > i didnt activate debugging (jbd).
> > 
> > b) is reiserfs compatible with ext3?
> You can have it compiled into the same kernel and run it on the same
> computer as ext3, if that's what you mean.
> > is it possible use both journaling filesystems at the same time (of
> > course on different partitions :))
> Yes. I'm doing that right now, in addition to using XFS for source
> libraries and JFS for temporary stuff.
> > i think i remember some talks about namespace-collisions.
> I don't recall anything like that. I've been using both ext3 and ReiserFS
> since the 2.4.5 kernel. Maybe it was before that? 

sure it was some time ago.

> -- 
> -- Skylar Thompson (skylar attglobal net)

thanks for answering (to all of you)

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