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Re: 2GB of Waste? How can it be? -- sysadmin cutting in


On Mon, Feb 04, 2002 at 02:12:57PM -0500, Bryan J. Smith wrote:
> Larry McVoy wrote:
> > Ditto.  When Stephen described the design of ext3 to me about 3 years
> > ago, I loved it exactly because it tweaked the on disk format almost
> > not at all.  Absolutely stunning in its brilliance.  Sees really obvious
> > but most people rewrite everything when they just need to build on
> > top of a proven entity.
> I originally bashed the concept of Ext3, then realized it was the
> solution most production systems _exactly_needed_.  ReiserFS is very
> revolutionary and innovative -- i.e. not something I want on a
> production fileserver right now.  ;-P

Hans Reiser has stated that he believes filesystems should be
rewritten every 5 years.


I'm quite glad that there are less dynamic alternatives. :-)


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