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Re: 2GB of Waste? How can it be?

Craig Dickson wrote:
> If anyone wants to start up a new fs project to create "ext2 [or ext3]
> plus dynamic inodes", they are free to do so;

This sysadmin hopes its called "Ext4."  ;-P

> but whining at the ext3 team because that doesn't happen to be one of
> their goals is silly.

Especially when his original "whine" is regarding RedHat's refusal
to include ReiserFS support in its installer.

> Speaking as someone who is neither a Red Hat employee, nor a Red Hat
> user (my machines all run Debian) nor an ext3 developer, and therefore
> free to speak my mind without concern for diplomacy -- this is obviously
> utter bullshit. Get a grip.

Debian is a nice developer's distro IMHO, and I run it here at
work.  I'm also looking forward to the Xandros distro too.  In fact,
RedHat better get something like Apt** going or I might be switching
over (yes I know about Connectiva).  ;-P

-- Bryan

**P.S.  Yes, I'm a paying RHN subscriber.  And yes, I understand the
"support" issues involved with something like Apt.  ;-P

Bryan J. Smith, Engineer        mailto:b j smith ieee org   
AbsoluteValue Systems, Inc.     http://www.linux-wlan.org
SmithConcepts, Inc.          http://www.SmithConcepts.com
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