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Re: 2GB of Waste? How can it be?

begin  Bryan J. Smith  quotation:

> > I say yes, I agree. In addition, I understand that SuSE is interested in
> > the same enterprise customers that you are, with the same concerns for
> > reliability, and somehow they had ReiserFS in their kernel, that is what
> > made me wonder. I am sure they have the same concerns about supporting
> > ReiserFS if it buggy than RedHat does.
> I don't think anyone is arguing that ReiserFS is "too buggy," [...]

Dr. Tweedie said in this thread that as of the time that Red Hat froze
7.2, ReiserFS was not stable enough. And that matches my recollection of
the state of ReiserFS at that time, also.

I also seem to recall that SuSE took a lot of heat for the problems of
their first ReiserFS release. I think anyone familiar with the issue
would agree that they included ReiserFS support too soon; waiting
another minor release or two would probably have been better for them.


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