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Re: 2GB of Waste? How can it be?

Craig Dickson wrote:
> Dr. Tweedie said in this thread that as of the time that Red Hat froze
> 7.2, ReiserFS was not stable enough. And that matches my recollection of
> the state of ReiserFS at that time, also.

Well, I was trying to meet our poster "half-way."  ReiserFS is
_quite_UNstable_ with a variety of various, "standard" Linux
interfaces and services.  So I'm sure RedHat views it as "not stable
enough" for these reasons _because_ it has clients (like myself)
using them.

> I also seem to recall that SuSE took a lot of heat for the problems of
> their first ReiserFS release. I think anyone familiar with the issue
> would agree that they included ReiserFS support too soon; waiting
> another minor release or two would probably have been better for them.

Heck, I'm still surprised it went into kernel 2.4.1.

-- Bryan

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